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About Euphoria Audio

‘Euphoria Audio’ is a Manufacturers collaboration initiative in Singapore, presenting a unified retail front amongst the industry top brands. Brands principals involved in the ‘Euphoria’ movement will have a direct say in how ‘Euphoria’ is operated, how the brands are represented while offering direct line of manufacturer support in the form of tours , giveaways, workshops, factory visits, interactive events, special collaboration releases and the most intuitive communication channel from Brands itself with the local Singaporean audiophiles.

‘Euphoria’, tied up with “Effect Audio“ showroom in Singapore offers a wholesome experiential showcase and consultancy sessions to ensure that everyone of our guests gets the entire experience , package , information and offerings that our represented brands offers as intended by the Brand Principals itself. Essentially providing the “Canjam / Exhibition“ experience on a daily basis. Guests seeking to purchase will entrails them going through a free 1-1 design consultancy session with the resident product designer to help them with their artworks and in-ears designs while offering perks of designed artworks on cases which is not available through traditional channels etc. ‘Euphoria’ will work in perfect sync with the collaborations brands to ensure the swiftest delivery on the Customized In-Ear-Monitors & Cables.

Our vision

We work with the best personnel and brands within the industry and we pride ourselves on offering top notch customer service and customer experience when you're shopping with us

Our Mission

Currently unparalleled within the industry, Euphoria Audio is a joint creation by Audiophiles and Brands Manufacturers alliance , Euphoria Audio seeks to provide you with a ``CanJam`` experience on a daily basis.

The Euphoria Experience

Directly affiliated with the Brand Principals, we ensures that you get the earliest scoop of industry updates and while our resident audiophiles support team guarantees an apt recommendation to your audiophile needs!

Euphoria guests enjoys the following privileges :

Exclusive Promotions

Get exclusive content and insider news as well as impressive promotions when you sign up on our newsletter!

First view at Pre-Released Products

Manufacturers often send in their prototypes and pre-released exclusive items to Euphoria Audio. Our members get to participate in the trial / feedback program!

Exclusive Giveaways

Join our recurring Euphoria Giveaway contests and win many premium prizes including CIEMs , UIEMs and Cables!

Priority Production

Euphoria customers gets priority queue for customized orders !
CIEM ranging from 1 – 3 weeks ; Cable crafts ranging from 30mins onwards!


Our Team

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