Jomo Audio

Jomo Audio is a Singaporean manufacturer specialising in universal and custom IEMs. Broadcasting engineer Joseph Mou started the company in 2015, after his efforts in the DIY space rapidly found success throughout the audiophile community. Now a staple of cosmetic flair and excellent sonic performance, Jomo Audio has become one of the largest monitor brands in Asia.

Airflow Control Unit (ACU)

Airflow Control Unit or ACU, allows user to control the sound of the dynamic driver via interchangeable filters. The ACU controls the amount of air in the rear chamber of the Dynamic driver.

Cross Sync Uniphase (CSU)

Cross Sync Uniphase or CSU, is the fundamental method and techniques of IEM sound design. CSU utilizes both electronics filtering design and acoustic path design to create crossover system including passive electronic low pass filter, band pass filter and high pass filters.

Jomo Audio

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