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  • Vision Ears VE2 (Custom)


    The VE2 is a strong entry-level IEM that showcases much of what VE has to offer in its pricier models. Boasting effortless dynamics, clean-cut instruments and a powerful low-end, the VE2 is the a strong contender for Entry level CIEM.

    • Incredibly Fast & Powerful Lows
    • High-mids and Highs with smooth grip
    • Compact sound-signature with excellent dynamics

    Technical Specification:

    1 x Bass – 1 x High

    122dB SPL at 1mW

    28 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )



  • Vision Ears VE 3 (Custom)


    The VE3 is the most balanced IEM out of the whole line-up. It’s equipped with a frequency response targeted towards tonal accuracy; a linear curve that aims to sound as neutral-natural as possible. VE3 carries a healthy amount of energy and dynamism in its presentation. Its linearity also produces a pitch-black background, which – when paired with its solid, bodied notes and minimal decay – significantly aids resolution, instrumental definition and realism.


    • Well Balanced and Analytic Sound-Signature
    • Warm , Details Mids
    • Neutral and accurate portrayer of Bass

    Technical Specifications:
    Two-way-System with three drivers

    2 x Bass – 1 x High

    118dB SPL at 1 mW

    18 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )

  • Vision Ears VE 4 (Custom)


    The VE4 is undoubtedly the most fun-sounding of the bunch. It carries a V-shaped response and excels through dynamism, impact and articulation. Generous bumps along the VE4’s mid-bass and upper-midrange create an instantly dazzling presentation – filled with clarity, thump and energy.


    • Incredibly Punchy and Emotive Bass
    • Highly Dynamic and Full Sound
    • Crisp Top End

    Technical Specifications:
    Three-way-System with four drivers

    2 x Bass – 1 x Mid – 1 x High

    120dB SPL at 1 mW

    20 Ohm (at 1 kHz )

  • Vision Ears VE 5 (Custom)


    The VE5 is an especially vocal-oriented IEM. Intimacy and clarity are its strongest suits – defined by midrange notes that span far and wide – with a forwardness that places the listener in a clear front-row seat. VE5 presents voices with technical aplomb – bright, bold and crystal clear. It’s the airiest and most open-sounding of the bunch, with a stage that displays impressive size


    • Strong high-mid presence
    • Excellent midrange reproduction
    • Broad and Airy Stereo-Imaging

    Technical Specification:
    Four-way-system with 5 drivers

    1 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 1 x High-mid – 1 x High

    122 dB SPL at 1 mW

    21 Ohm (at 1 kHz)

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  • Vision Ears VE 6 (Custom)


    The VE6 offers outstanding qualities – “Resolution” , “Naturalness”, “Spacious Imaging”, “Dynamism”. It’s one of the IEMs that define Vision Ears and their German engineering. Available in 2 defaults : VE 6 X1 or VE 6 X2 tuning.



    • Powerfully Balanced with incredible Dynamism
    • Tastefully boosted lows and high mids
    • Fantastic response and punch – Incredibly fun signature


    • Neutrality 
    • Phenomenal Detail over the whole frequency range
    • The Reference

    Technical Specifications:
    Four-way-system with 6 drivers

    2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 1 x High-Mid – 1 x High

    122 dB SPL at 1 mW

    20 Ohm (bei 1 kHz)

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  • Vision Ears VE6-XC (Custom)


    The Vision Ears VE 6 X-Control  is built with incredible staging width and depth. Equipped with excellent technicals competency and a dash of high mids sparkle, it’s an impressive offering from Vision Ears! Selectable switchable tuning of either X1 or X2 !

    • Free Ear Impression Service for all Singapore orders
    • Demo is available at Euphoria Audio Retail Showroom
    • For more information, or queries on order procedures please contact us at live chat or email us!

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  • Vision Ears VE 8 (Custom)


    The VE8 creates an exceptionally enticing sound: a forward stage positioning, with deliciously thick notes. A full-bodied sound, with the unique ability to pull you into the music, by bringing it close to you – this might well be the definition of an engaging signature. Even though its vocals are fairly neutral in terms of forwardness, they’re equally large in size – there’s nothing laidback when it comes to the VE8

    • Powerful sound with overwhelming precision and clarity
    • Extremely tight and precise bass
    • Crystal clear and smooth highs
    • Brilliant harmonic mid-structure

    All of that is blended in a superior open stereo image giving you outstanding precision and harmony.

    Technical Specifications:
    Three-way-system with eight drivers

    2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 4 x High

    120dB SPL at 1 mW

    22 Ohms ( at 1 kHz )

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