Vision Ears VE2 (Custom)


The VE2 is a strong entry-level IEM that showcases much of what VE has to offer in its pricier models. Boasting effortless dynamics, clean-cut instruments and a powerful low-end, the VE2 is the a strong contender for Entry level CIEM.

  • Incredibly Fast & Powerful Lows
  • High-mids and Highs with smooth grip
  • Compact sound-signature with excellent dynamics

Technical Specification:

1 x Bass – 1 x High

122dB SPL at 1mW

28 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )



10 Character Max
10 Character Max


VE2 is for the budding audiophile looking for his/her first foray into custom IEMs. Driven by a dynamic and energetic signature, the VE2 will inject a healthy dose of playfulness into any track in your library. Especially tuned for mainstream genres – such as pop, rap and dance music – the VE2 hides most of its technical shortcomings in its ever-engaging bursts of energy; serving punch, after jab, after slam =

  • Free Ear Impression Service for all Singapore orders
  • Demo is available at Euphoria Audio Retail Showroom
  • For more information, or queries on order procedures please contact us at live chat or email us!
  • Two-way-System
  • 1 x Bass – 1 x High
  • 122dB SPL at 1mW
  • 28 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )

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