Vision Ears VE 3 (Custom)


The VE3 is the most balanced IEM out of the whole line-up. It’s equipped with a frequency response targeted towards tonal accuracy; a linear curve that aims to sound as neutral-natural as possible. VE3 carries a healthy amount of energy and dynamism in its presentation. Its linearity also produces a pitch-black background, which – when paired with its solid, bodied notes and minimal decay – significantly aids resolution, instrumental definition and realism.


  • Well Balanced and Analytic Sound-Signature
  • Warm , Details Mids
  • Neutral and accurate portrayer of Bass

Technical Specifications:
Two-way-System with three drivers

2 x Bass – 1 x High

118dB SPL at 1 mW

18 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )

10 Character Max
10 Character Max


The VE3 would be most well-suited for audio professionals. VE3 is a great alternative to headphones when working on the go. Its linearity and set-in-stone stage dimensions make quick-mixing an absolute breeze in any environment. Audiophiles who enjoy balanced tunings or tonally-accurate signatures will also find pleasure in the VE3, and even veteran audiophiles who’ve dabbled in the high-end may favour it as a versatile back-up pair. Its unaggressive sound lends well to pretty much every genre under the Sun. The VE3 is a true jack of all trades.

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  • Two-way-System with three drivers
  • 2 x Bass – 1 x High
  • 118dB SPL at 1 mW
  • 18 Ohm ( at 1 kHz )

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