Vision Ears VE 8 (Custom)


The VE8 creates an exceptionally enticing sound: a forward stage positioning, with deliciously thick notes. A full-bodied sound, with the unique ability to pull you into the music, by bringing it close to you – this might well be the definition of an engaging signature. Even though its vocals are fairly neutral in terms of forwardness, they’re equally large in size – there’s nothing laidback when it comes to the VE8

  • Powerful sound with overwhelming precision and clarity
  • Extremely tight and precise bass
  • Crystal clear and smooth highs
  • Brilliant harmonic mid-structure

All of that is blended in a superior open stereo image giving you outstanding precision and harmony.

Technical Specifications:
Three-way-system with eight drivers

2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 4 x High

120dB SPL at 1 mW

22 Ohms ( at 1 kHz )

Review By:

10 Character Max
10 Character Max


With the VE8, Vision Ears brings us back to the core of why we listen to music: to be engulfed by it, to be thrilled. Despite being a flagship model, the VE8 displays no interest in aiming for a neutral or reference approach. Not by skimping on performance, for when it comes to technical ability, the VE8 is certainly up there with the best. VE8 doesn’t really do subtle; it’s all about its presentation, and the VE8 offers a powerhouse of a sound. In a way, the VE8 listens like a Mercedes: it provides a big sound, while it’s comfortable and easy to listen to. But when you step on the gas, the performance is there: its general pace is quick, and its resolution high.

  • Free Ear Impression Service for all Singapore orders
  • Demo is available at Euphoria Audio Retail Showroom
  • For more information, or queries on order procedures please contact us at live chat or email us!
  • Three-way-system with eight drivers
  • 2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 4 x High
  • 120dB SPL at 1 mW
  • 22 Ohms ( at 1 kHz )

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